MurGaa Auto Clicker FAQ

This Frequently asked questions provides quick answers and questions about MurGaa Auto Clicker Software downloads for Mac. Please feel free to write to the support team at in case your is not answered here.

Does MurGaa Auto Clicker software downloads work for Mac Tiger ?

Yes MurGaa Auto Clicker software downloads work on Mac Tiger (Version 10.4 onwards). You can even use MurGaa Auto Clickers on Mac Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mac Lion, Mac Mountain Lion, OS X Mavericks and other version of Mac OS X.

Is MurGaa Software Utilities Free to Download ?

Yes MurGaa Utilities are Free to download and try. All the utilities offered on are offered on a free to try basis. The Free downloads available are free to try and work as good as full version without any functionality limitations upto maximum 20 times.

How to Automate Mouse Clicks at Mouse Cursor Location ?

You can use Mac Auto Clicker which can automatically click at current Mouse Cursor location. Number of Mouse Clicks supported are finite (controlled by a number) or infinite (the Mac Auto Clicker keeps on Clicking until you stop the automatic Clicking). Type of Mouse Click to automate can be selected from either Left, Right or Middle Mouse Click types. Starting and Stopping of automatic Mouse clicks can be controlled using Middle Mouse Click or by using a Start / Stop button on the user interface of the Mac Auto Clicker.

How to Automate Left Mouse Clicks and Control Clicks with Keyboard Shortcut ?

Mac Fast Clicker can Automate multiple mouse clicks at current mouse cursor location and the Starting and Stopping of Automatic Mouse Clicks can be done using a selectable Keyboard Shortcut. Download Mac Fast Clicker for free and automate multiple mouse clicks at current mouse cursor location controllable using a Keyboard Shortcut. In order to control Mac Fast Clicker with Keyboard Shortcut, you would need Enable Access to Assistive Devices from System Preferences of Mac.

How to Automate Mouse Clicking with Random Delay in between Clicks ?

You can use Mac Random Clicker by MurGaa to automate Mouse Clicks with Random Delay in between Mouse Clicks. The Random Delay between Mouse Clicks is controllable using Minimum Delay and Maximum delay between Mouse Click. Click type is also selectable in this Mac Random Mouse Clicker. You can either opt to automate Left Mouse Click, Right Mouse Click, Middle button Mouse Clicks, Hold Left, Right or Middle Mouse button down and release it when you want it to be released. The Automation of this Mac Clicker can be controlled by a Keyboard Shortcut and yes it need Access for Assistive Devices to be enabled.

How to Automate Multiple Mouse Clicks at Fixed Screen Location on Mac ?

Tell Mac Auto Mouse Click the Screen Location, tell it how many times you want the software to click, tell the software at what rate you want the mouse clicks to be automated. Launch the Mac Auto Mouse Click and let this software do the required mouse clicking at fixed location on your Mac OS X.

Download Auto Clicker Mac, have a look at various Mouse and Keyboard Automation Utilities and much more.